There have been an increased number of teens using electronic cigarettes during school hours and at home. This increase can be attributed to the available flavors or the misconception that the electronic cigarettes are safe and not addictive. These devices are dangerous since they can contain more nicotine than a regular pack of cigarettes and are just as addictive.

Laws have been enacted banning manufacturers from creating fruit or candy flavored refillable cartridges in hopes of reducing availability and appeal to minors. This however has not been completely effective for prohibiting minors from acquiring the flavored electronic cigarettes. Manufacturers are still able to make single use electronic devices that are made with the desired candy or fruit flavors. The devices are easily concealable due to their size and lack of offensive odor.

The link below provides resources that parents and teachers can use to help teens quit and to be fully informed about the dangers of nicotine usage. At Cradle Thru College Care we will gladly have a discussion about the dangers of nicotine.

-Vincent Nguyen, FNP-BC

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