Parents often wonder why their child needs to come to our office for a complete physical each year.  These yearly checkups are crucial to insure children are growing physically and mentally at a normal rate.  Children go through many changes throughout childhood and adolescence. The doctors at Cradle thru College are experts in assessing proper growth and development as well as diagnosing any issues along the way to minimize the impact on a growing child.  This type of visit cannot be done during a sick visit.

At each checkup, children are carefully weighed and measured and compared to national growth charts.  Healthy habits are discussed and advice is given when appropriate. Immunization are administered if needed to prevent disease. Assessments such as autism and depression disorders are also administered.

Checkup Schedule for Children

• First visit at 3 – 5 days old
• 2-weeks
• 2-month
• 4-months
• 6-months
• 9-months
• 1-year
• 15-months
• 18-months
• 2-years
• 3-years
• 4-years
• 5-years
• 6-years
• 7-years
• 8-years
• 9-years
• 10-years
• 11-years
• 12-years
• 13-years
• 14-years
• 15-years
• 16-years
• 17-years
• 18-years
• 18+ continue yearly

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